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About us

Synergy Research Group is a Russian contract research organization with a global international presence having 20 year-experience in conducting a full cycle of clinical trials and registration of medicines and medical devices in Russia, Kazakhstan and other EAEU and CIS countries.

Our strategic goal is to be the leading Russian contract research organization. We are open to control and audit by our clients. We continuously implement the best industry practices and improve business processes, closely monitor market changes and act proactively. We know how to work with clients around the world.

  • Date of foundation – 2002
  • 72 staff members, including eight PhDs (candidates of sciences) and 33 employees having the qualification of Medical doctor / Pharmacist
  • 344 completed projects
  • Expertise in more than 25 therapeutic areas
  • 92 customers from more than 20 countries (including 27 customers from Russia; 50 from Europe; 15 from Asia)
  • Official representative offices in Russia and in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


(Data as of August 2022)

Unique Value Proposition

Over 20 years of work, we have formed our own unique style of doing business:


We help Clinical Trial Sponsors to contribute to the future.

We help Patients to maintain the proper level of their quality of life.

We gain new experience and develop our professional expertise.

Quality in everything we do

We maintain the declared quality of project execution, adhere to project deadlines and budgets.

The quality of our work is confirmed by the Sponsors’ positive feedback and the results of inspections and audits.

We are ready to support any pace of project implementation that meets the customer’s wishes.

98% of our clients turn to us again within 5 years.

Human reliability

The average experience of our project managers is 10+ years in the company and about 15 years in clinical research. Our Clients can count on the professionalism of the entire team, and on the cooperation with a proven and permanent partner.

There are two experts of the one-of-a-kind qualification level – clinical data Managers certified by the Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) in our team, as well as eight PhDs (candidates of sciences) and 33 employees having the qualification of Medical doctor / Pharmacist.

30 of our full-time employees have 10 or more years of personal experience in clinical research.

We know how to work with clients around the world

As a self-respecting Russian company, we know how to work with clients from both the East and the West.

We provide foreign customers with access to the Russian market of medicines and medical devices to register their products.

We offer access to an extensive database of patients and to a centralized and organized medical infrastructure for conducting clinical trials of medicines and medical devices in the Russian Federation,  EAEU and CIS countries.

We prepare the statistical results of clinical trials of medicines and medical devices in native formats of US and European regulators with the required level of statistical significance.

Since 2007, we have been publishing “Orange Paper”, analytical reports about the Russian market for clinical trials.

Regional Medical Advisor Medical Department


Let me share my feedback on our collaboration in the study. It was very pleasant and productive to work with you, because you provided technical assistance, if required, without the slightest delay. All our requests were fulfilled almost instantly and professionally. Many thanks!

We maintain stability in a complex, difficult to predict and turbulent modern world, finding a balance and combining time-tested traditions and modern trends in our “20-year-old signature blend”

Using the traditional hierarchical approach of PMBoK and Agile in project management, healthy conservatism and artificial intelligence in technology, mature wisdom and energy of youth in personnel matters.

We think globally, we act locally.


Synergy Research Group is a Founding Partner of ACROSS Global Alliance, the international alliance of contract research organizations, which provides opportunities to conduct clinical trials on an international scale in 102 countries (37 Partners, 8,835 accredited medical institutions, over 25 therapeutic areas).