Clinical Studies in Russia

Synergy is a Russian contract research organization.

Since the very first clinical trials in the late 1990s and the simultaneous implementation of the ICH GCP (International Council for Harmonization – Good Clinical Practice) standards, we have witnessed the unleashing of Russia’s enormous potential in clinical trials, which now continues to unfold to the fullest extent of its capabilities.

We publish reports about the market

We know our native Russian market of clinical trials thoroughly, at our fingertips, and we share our knowledge in the quarterly reports of Synergy Orange Paper..

Quality Data

The quality of data generated in clinical trials in Russia usually is very high, largely due to the qualifications and professionalism of the investigators.

Russia has a significant potential for patient recruitment

The recruitment rates for clinical trials in Russia are among the highest in the world, and the trusting format of the doctor-patient relationship, which is typical for the national mentality, contributes to achieving high patient retention rates throughout the study. Besides, Russian patients, as a rule, strictly comply with all study procedures and requirements from the start to the end, which does not apply to all countries.

In some cases, especially for innovative therapies, participation in clinical trials is the only way for patients to access modern treatments for their diseases. Also, clinical trials offer patients quick access to costly diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

The main standards for conducting clinical trials of medicines and medical devices in Russia are the federal law “On Circulation of Medicines” dated April 12, 2010 No. 61–FZ and the international standard ICH GCP, adopted in the form of the national standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 52379–2005 ” Good Clinical Practice”.

clinical studies

We are able to work with clients around the world, both from Western countries and from the Asia-Pacific region.

We are able to work both as the only contract research organization selected by the Sponsor to conduct a clinical trial, and as part of an international multicenter project team, interacting with other contract research organizations and service providers. 90 out of 344 clinical studies conducted by Synergy are international multicenter studies.

90 out of 344 clinical studies conducted by Synergy are international

We offer foreign clients access to the Russian pharmaceutical market to obtain a marketing authorization for their developed products in the Russian Federation.


We also offer access to an extensive database of treatment-naive patients and a well-organized infrastructure for conducting clinical trials of medicines and medical devices in the Russian Federation, along with high quality of the obtained statistical data and the possibility of preparing these data in native formats for foreign regulators.

Clinical Team Leader


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