Our Expertise

During a 20 year span, we have completed over 340 clinical trials of various phases in over 25 therapeutic areas for 92 clients from more than 20 countries.

Our Expertise by Phase and Therapeutic Area

During 20 years of operation, we have completed 178 phase III clinical trials, 25 phase II clinical trials, 16 phase I clinical trials, 39 bioequivalence studies, and 77 observational clinical trials.

The most demanded therapeutic areas for Synergy are oncology, respiratory diseases, cardiology, neurology and gastroenterology. Russia and Kazakhstan are the most demanded regions for conducting clinical trials. Studies involving healthy volunteers make up 15% of our experience.

Our Expertise by Product Type

Approximately 60% of our clinical trials are related to the study of low molecular weight chemical compounds; the subject of research for the remaining 40% of projects are high molecular biological substances.

The most demanded therapeutic areas in this category of clinical trials (except for the studies of the pharmacological effects on healthy volunteers) for Synergy are oncology, respiratory diseases, neurology, cardiology, endocrine and infectious diseases.

Our Expertise with Biosimilar Drugs

We love and know how to work with Sponsors manufacturing biosimilars. Synergy have successfully implemented 18 projects with biosimilars in 6 therapeutic areas, including testing the pharmacological effects of medicines on healthy volunteers, as well as in patients with diseases of the endocrine, circulatory and respiratory systems.