Feasibility assessment

Clinical trial feasibility is an analysis of the feasibility to conduct a specific clinical program/study in a specific geographic area in order to optimally complete the project in terms of timelines, targets and cost.

Feasibility in the context of clinical research is “the extent to which those conducting study or monitoring patients can practically perform their intended tasks under specific given conditions”.

We can help you assess your options

Synergy’s clinical trial start-up team provides quality clinical trial feasibility assessment and patient recruitment services with the required characteristics, including strategic, scientific, operational recommendations, using our proprietary database of over 1,000 clinical trial sites and more than 3,000 investigators.

Clinical Project Manager


I wanted to praise you for the hard work on the  trial. We recently completed DBL and all tasks in Kazakhstan were completed on time and ahead of other countries. The whole process went smoothly and you supported Sites with all pending items. I see a great progress in her work since we started working last year and I have only pleasant experience with working with you and all investigators from Kazakhstan. I hope I will have opportunity to work with you again in the future on some other trial.