Data management in clinical trials

A clinical trial is designed to answer a specific research question(s) by means of generating data for proving or disproving a study hypothesis. The quality of the data generated plays a tremendous role in the final outcome of the study.

Risk-based data management

Our team enthusiastically embraces modern technology and the latest trends in clinical data management and will tailor a unique and robust Data Management Plan to meet the needs and expectations of each of our clients.

Certified data managers

In our data management team there are two experts of the one-of-a-kind qualification level – clinical data managers certified by the Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM). The high level of qualification of Synergy’s data managers, their extensive experience and expertise allow us to successfully plan and implement data management processes in clinical trial projects of any scale and complexity.

Work with multiple data sources

Our team enthusiastically embraces technology and the latest trends in clinical data management. Utilizing a tried, tested and validated Electronic Data Capture system (EDC) we can work to seamlessly combine data from multiple sources typically encountered in clinical trials (e.g. CRF, laboratories, and other third-party sources).

The integration of the Data Management department into all steps of the clinical trial process gives Synergy the ability to guarantee flawless data quality to all our clients.