Biostatistics is an essential part of every clinical trial project, which defines its key characteristics: study design, protocol structure, clinical data collection, analysis of collected data and reporting.

A skilled team of biostatisticians

With a unique background in programming and data analysis, Synergy’s professional team of biostatisticians is deeply immersed in scientific issues, able to anticipate and prevent potential problems that may arise in the course of conducting a clinical trial and processing the collected data.

Synergy provides services for developing a hypothesis and study design, calculating the required sample size, choosing a randomization method, statistical programming, as well as preparing a statistical analysis plan and a statistical report to obtain scientifically reliable results of a clinical trial.

Manager of Clinical Operations


Dear colleagues,  I would like to thank you all for our fruitful collaboration in 2022! Impressive as always! Both the Sponsor and IQVIA have noted the high quality of your work! Thank you so much for your efforts!

(translated from Russian)